Although you also have to transport and pack your belongings and move them from one place to another, the office removals are totally different from the household moving. This type of moving usually involve many people and the execution time should be as short as possible so that the operation of the company does not suffer.

Office changes require a certain specialization on the part of the removal company that carries out the work. It takes a lot of flexibility and speed when making transfers. Therefore, it is essential to have experience in these matters.

In the case of office removals, it is normal to adjust to the customer’s dates and time. Most companies can not stop their operation so as not to cause disruption to their business, so many of the transfers must be made during weekends, holidays or at night.

The belongings to be transported are usually valuable. They are usually servers, computers, screens, and other fragile objects that may contain very valuable information. The contracted moving company must have the necessary technical means so that all valuable belongings arrive in good condition at their destination.

Proper moving insurance is also essential, which must cover the risks of transportation. The vehicles have to be adapted to the things that must be moved according to their value and fragility. That is, trucks have to be prepared for these office relocations.

10 Recommendations to Make Efficient Office Removals

  1. Plan in advance The time necessary for the office moving depends on the size of the company and the number of employees that work there. It would be perfect to perform the relocation when it is a season of low activity of the company.
  2. Find information about new place Plan new spaces and offices, as well as think over the administrative part, so that bureaucratic procedures do not slow down the move.
  3. Request several quotes and hire a licensed moving company The moving company must be licensed and it is also recommended joining any of the moving associations
  4. Organize the belongings you already have Before buying what we are going to take to the new office, we must organize what we already have. Ordering your office or room will help you to organize your office move.
  5. Make a list or inventory List all necessary things you have to take and the essential materials you need for it. This checklist will serve to check all the things arrived to the new destination.
  6. Get rid of the unnecessary It is the perfect time to throw away what you no longer use and what occupies huge space. It can even be the occasion to scan documents and files that have been stored for a long time.
  7. Packing Pack belongings according to the place they currently occupy or will occupy in the new office. And do not start an office relocation until you have finished the process.
  8. Label all the boxes You can use numbers and letters depending on the office apartments or the name of the occupants of each unit.
  9. Separate the essential items Leave the belongings that you will need soon after arrival leave marked or transpose them with you if necessary.
  10. Advise customers and suppliers If you are going to change your address you have to notify your clients and transfer providers. Launch an official statement or transmit it by mailing, which is an agile, fast and effective way to do it. Take advantage of changing the address also in the digital directories.
With these tips you will get a perfect move of your office. For this to be possible it is also necessary to have great experts in the field.

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