Moving is a drastic emotional change for a person who is leaving much more than a home behind: you are leaving memories, happiness and a part of yourself. We give you the keys to face it without stress.

To avoid the situation of stress when organizing a moving process, it is essential to plan everything properly to get control of the situation from start to finish:

  1. First, decide how you are going to move the furniture. There is the possibility of using professional moving services to organize the move delegating it to trusted professionals. In this case, collect the information from different companies and request a moving quote. Sign a contract within a month in advance to avoid the last minute surprises.
  2. In case a relative or a friend has a large van, you can ask for help. In that case, specify in advance the day of the transfer, and make a realistic schedule to make the move.
  3. Make a list of necessary steps to make your move, and mark each step passed.
  4. The move begins weeks in advance to avoid the pressure of rush. Get prepared each room for the move.
  5. Place all the things you need to move in boxes, but leave for the last moment the products of daily use.
  6. Think that a move is an ideal time to clean up and donate to a charity everything you no longer use and can take advantage of. There will also be things that you can throw away.
  7. From the legal point of view, ask if you need a permission to make before the move to a new place and perform the relevant procedures.
  8. Place on the outside of each box the label with its contents and with the room of the house to which it corresponds to facilitate the subsequent task of unpacking and placing.
  9. Use newspaper and bubble wrap to protect the delicate products inside the boxes.
  10. Keep your valuables such as jewelry or documentation in an accessible place under supervision during the process.

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