California piano movers

Heavy and sizable musical instruments must be treated with the utmost care when you move them to another place. It is exactly the thing our California piano movers do when they perform the following services. A dedicated mover team from our company is trained to deal with moving oversized and heavyweight cargo and provided with all the necessary equipment to secure the instrument when they load, transport, and set it up at the new destination.

The team of professional piano movers at your service

When it comes to experienced piano movers, Southern California can boast only a few moving companies that take such a responsibility. We have a qualified team that has dealt with moving heavy items for several years and will take care of your instrument to preserve its excellent state. They are knowledgeable about a professional approach how to maneuver it on stairs, prevent from scratches, and save its perfect sound. Only knowledge of the correct handling techniques can guarantee safe and smooth delivery of such oversized pieces.

Piano packing and storage

One of the most important stages of professional instrument moving is packing. Every instrument is packed thoroughly and requires using of such professional tools as dollies, pads, ramp, straps, and others possessed by our piano movers in California. They treat every piece with great care and pay much attention so that neither interior nor the instrument itself was damaged.
Our company also offers professional storage units for musical instruments. You can rent a storage cabin for your honored family member until you find a perfect place to set it up.

Long distance moving from CA

Most of the grand pianos have a shining cover that makes them look gorgeous. Our piano movers, CA will preserve this glossy appearance even if the instrument has to cover hundreds of miles. Our staff secures the instrument reliably in the truck to prevent it from sliding and it allows to deliver pianos even for long distances preserving their perfect condition.