Are you planning to move? Don’t you know where to start from? Without a doubt, making a move is a real headache! Now, if you do not want to pay a fortune it is important to take into account some aspects. For example, those related to planning, the request of several moving quotes, seasonality, and many others.

Around 10% of Americans spend more than they expected for a move. But is it possible to save money? Here are some tips to reduce your spending in this game:

Plan your move in advance. One of the keys to making cheaper transfers, is to be organized and start preparing in advance. At a minimum, we recommend you to start preparing your move two months in advance. In this way, you will have enough time to decide if you want to organize the moving yourself or, if you prefer to use the services of a moving company. Another important aspect to keep in mind in this period is to check if you need full value insurance. Also, you can consider a basic insurance, if want to decrease your moving expenses.

Request several moving quotes. It is very important for you to make a request to several moving companies for detailed budgets. Each company will offer its moving quote with different terms and conditions. Get well informed and choose the best offer. Some companies are more flexible and group several removals, which allows savings in mileage. Once you decide in favor of one of the companies, ask for a copy of the contract, which must include all the conditions of the move: date, time and place of loading the goods, address of destination, details of the contracted services. Also, it is advisable to agree with the company compensation for specific cases such as cancellation or postponement of the service.

Take seasonality into account. The moving business is very seasonal and in certain periods of the year the prices of the same services skyrocket. During the summer months and holiday seasons, the demand for relocation increases and, as a result, the costs are higher. Therefore, the most expensive months to move are usually June, July, August and September. Also, if you send your belongings during the week, you may be able to save some money. Making a move on Sunday is possible, but you will be charged an additional price for this service. Try to avoid the beginning and end of the month, since prices also tend to increase.

Make a detailed inventory of your belongings. Make a detailed list of the objects you want to take and their status. This will help you discard what is not essential in your new home and so you can reduce the price of your shipment. There are several factors that will affect the price of your move, but the volume is one of the most important.

Pack your belongings. Do not waste money buying cardboard boxes. You can get free boxes at supermarkets, local businesses, or even ask a friend or acquaintance who has recently moved.

Optimize the space. It is important that you transport the minimum possible volume. There are some tricks that will allow you to transport all your furniture and belongings without having to double the volume of your shipment. You can reduce the expenses in packing materials, minimizing the volume. How? Use the drawers of the furniture and suitcases as if they were moving boxes. This is useful for storing books and clothes. It is not advisable for fragile or valuable objects.

Ultimately, these tips will help you considerably reduce the cost of your move. Now, there is no doubt that the most economical option is to make it yourself. In this case the only expense would be the rent of the van and gasoline. And if the vehicle can leave a friend or family, even better.

Finally, it is crucial to ensure that the moving company in charge of making your move is legally established. The quality service is expensive and to avoid problems like the lack of punctuality, the inefficiency of the workers or possible damages in the home – the best thing is to contract with companies with a certain recognition in the sector.

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