So, you’re moving home – as if that isn’t stressful enough, now you must clean your old house from top to bottom, every inch must be spick and span ready for the arrival of a new family. Here are 10 ways you can make sure that the house is sparkling!

1. Hire a professional. It might sound lazy, but that is what they’re here for – to clean! Moving home is stressful enough, take the added effort and frustration out of it and give a cleaning service a call.

If hiring someone to do it all for you is out of the question, the remaining nine tips can give you a helping hand.

2. Don’t even think about cleaning until you have dismantled all furniture, cleaned out all cupboards and packed everything into moving boxes. They’re a tripping hazard for starters, but they’re also likely to make a further mess and cause obstruction. Plus, you can’t thoroughly clean all areas and stains until your place is empty. Ideally the removalists have already moved all your furniture out of the property.

3. If you have placed hooks and nails in the wall, the first thing you should do is pull them out and repatch any holes, before painting over them. Doing this halfway through the cleaning process is going to make things difficult.

4. Stockpile the essential cleaning items. Duster, broom, all the different types of cleaning spray, mop and bucket, sponges – the whole cleaning aisle maybe?

5. Your first cleaning act should be dusting every single area of each room. You will find dust in the tiniest of spaces – the corners, the door frames, the vents.

6. Clean room by room. Completing one room at a time gives you the ability to focus on just a small portion of the house before moving on to the next. Don’t make the job any harder than it must be.

7. Don’t forget to clean the oven and the dishwasher! Whether you’re taking them with you or leaving them behind, you don’t want to transport grease and grime or drip water on the way to your new place. Likewise, nobody wants to inherit dirty and unhygienic appliances.

8. It’s going to be an effort, but scrub every inch of that bathroom – get rid of anything in the drain, clean the limescale away, deep clean the tiles and don’t forget that toilet.

9. Even if you don’t get a professional to clean the whole house, it is a good idea to invest in a professional to steam clean and deodorise the carpets so they’re ready for the new occupants.

10. Take out a copy of the original copy report that you were given when moving into the house – are they the same?

Leaving the house in a spick and span condition is the best way to ensure the new inhabitants are happy, and that you get your bond back if you’re renting!

This article was written in conjunction with Hire A Mover, a Sydney Australia removalist company.